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Unscramble the letters at the top to form a valid word and then select the picture that represents the word's meaning. Click the image to see if you're right!

Unscramble the letters at the top to form a valid word and then select the picture that represents the word’s meaning.
Click the image to see if you’re right!

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  1. Brenda Harvey says

    I really enjoyed this quiz and I was amazed at how well I scored!
    Please keep up the good work Derek and keep the quizzes coming.

    I think I was just lucky this time.
    Cheers Brenda

  2. Mitchell Allen says

    Eep! 4/10 but the quizzer gave me +1 for spelling my name correctly. LOL
    The for that I got were words that I knew. I guessed at the other 6. Badly.

    Lorella gave me a great idea. I should retake this test in a few days to see if I retain anything.
    One thing I like about the quiz generator is that, if you retake it right away, it shuffles the question order.
    It would be even better if it shuffled the position of the correct answer.

    But hey, it’s free and FUN. :)



    • Derek McKenzie says

      Hey Carolyn. On a test like this 6/10 is definitely something to be proud of. Well done! Derek

  3. Lorella D'Cuz says

    My previous comment (Girandole flash vocab quiz) related to your 1000 Totally Unfair Scrabble Words quiz (starting word Azoth). Lorella

  4. Lorella D'Cuz says

    Just attempted your ‘Girandole’ flash vocab quiz. Had not studied the words previously and achieved only a 5/10 (knew the 5, no guesses there). Re-tried immediately and got them all at this 2nd try. Remains to be seen whether I retain the meanings if I go back in a few days – but the images should help me to. Thanks Derek. I should make more time for this – it’s great fun! Unfortunately I don’t have a league of Scrabble friends and usually play only against the computer.

    • Derek McKenzie says

      Hi Lorella. Glad you enjoy the quiz format. And yes, I’m looking forward to finding out whether this approach helps make words stick in the longer term!

  5. Brenda Harvey says

    Hi Derek,
    I really enjoyed the your new Mammals, it is amazing. The photos are so beautiful and clear.
    Thank you for the new book and please keep up the great work.
    Cheers, Brenda

  6. Linda DeGraw says

    Derek, it’s great. I am amazed every time I see the new works, the colors, etc. Thanks for a job well done. And thanks to those little helpers of yours. Keep on!

  7. Linda DeGraw says

    This is so great. I agree that the pictures, in color, make the words even easier. The book and/or flashcards are a must for me.

  8. Jean Olson says

    Finally got around to posting this on my FB Timeline. Kudos to you, Derek, for such great work!!
    Good luck!!

  9. Sue Tuckett says

    Looks great Derek, did wonder why there is a large gap between F and G words. Have posted a link on Facebook to my various Scrabble league friends (over 500) – so hopeful for multiple responses.

    Looking forward to the next instalment

  10. Patricia Brander says

    Hej Derek,
    it all looks fine to me apart from what are the two lines below this box with HTML tags and attributes? Also the type in this comments box is very feint. Apart from that it looks fine. Good luck with the launch

  11. Barb B says

    Thanks for the free book download and the free gift book of weird little words.
    Really want to explore them now, but it’s almost midnight! Looking forward to learning new words! What fun!

  12. Merv Dirkse says

    I do play word games for fun, but I have played a few family members that would love to crush me! After showing their aggressive game style a game or two, It is fun to also flip the tabes and give them a sound drubbing. Especially the young whippersnappers! Very satisfying! Merv

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